Terms and Conditions

By creating an account on this platform (castings.purrandbarktalent.com) , give Purr and Bark Talent my consent to endorse, share and connect me and my pet talent with any potential casting directors by exclusive exposure through their various casting, website, and social media platforms. I hereby understand that I am fully liable for all submissions and contracted work, gained through said exposure by Purr and Bark Talent.

  1. The yearly administration member fee is $199 + HST.
  2. I understand that all the packages are in USD.
  3. If chosen the monthly package, the pricing will be $24.99 USD + $39.99  one -time account set up fee.
  4. Pet owners shall be responsible for the vaccinations and necessary Pet Insurance.
  5. Pet owners (s) is/are responsible for ensuring their pet’s safety and boarding to various casting auditions and shoots
  6. Pet owners are liable for all negotiation and procurement of payment for all casting submissions. Purr and bark do not/ will not, negotiate, accept, or distribute payment on behalf of the owner and talent.

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing, and the mutual promises herein contained, the parties hereby agree as follows:

I understand that this administration fee is due yearly from the date of this agreement and will be automatically billed by the company from the credit card provided on the last page of this agreement. The terms enclosed within this agreement shall remain in effect for exactly one (1) year unless either Party has presented a 30-day written notice of termination via email. I understand upon termination there will be no refund of yearly administration fees.

As Pet Owner, I hereby take full responsibility for my pet’s online casting submissions, remuneration agreements and communications outside of Purr and Bark. Purr and Bark does not encourage or support any form of animal cruelty from the owner or casting directors, and we do not assume any liability if any such accident should occur. thereby rendering Purr and Bark Talent indemnified from any legal action taken by the signatory of this contract and/or any agency, management, organization, company, corporation and/or entity that had not been disclosed by the signatory of this contract.

7. The term of this agreement shall commence upon the date it is signed by both parties and shall continue until the end of the ‘Original Term’, this agreement shall be automatically renewed from year to year thereafter. In addition, Purr and Bark Talent shall have the right to terminate or update this agreement at any time by written notice to me if,

    • I fail to conduct in a professional manner or fail to maintain Purr and Bark Talent’s professional reputation,
    • Purr and Bark Talent receives three or more complaints from the Clients concerning behaviour,
    • I fail to keep this agreement and its contents confidential, or
    • I violate any other provision of this agreement and fail to cure such violation within 10 days after written notice of such violation from Purr and Bark Talent.

I agree that I will be responsible for any cancellation fees, expenses or any other consequences imposed by Clients. The termination of this agreement by Purr and Bark Talent will not release me from any obligations to Purr and Bark Talent incurred prior to such termination. Further to the above, I hereby agree to the following:

  1. To keep this agreement and its contents confidential.
  2. I understand that I shall be serving as an independent contractor by letting my pet work in a commercial/ TV media/Print-ads. I understand for any compensation being paid to me, I will be responsible for filing taxes and other government dues.
  3. I represent and warrant that I am the legal owner of the dog and have all the necessary paperwork and I shall be 100% responsible for the behavior of my pet and will maintain proper vaccinations for him.
  4. Purr and Bark Talent is not required to render services to me exclusively or to devote its entire time to my affairs. Purr and Bark Talent may represent other persons in a similar capacity and perform such other duties and have such other business interests as it may determine.
  5. That the “Company” reserves the right to delete my profile/account anytime, in the event of any moral, technical, or financial mis-conduct.
  6. I  agree in order to delete my account, I would have to notify purrandbark 2- weeks before the billing date, in the event of failure to notify,  purr and bark shall not initiate the refund.
  7. I understand that the rights to copy or publish my pet’s photography or likeness resulting from bookings during the term of this agreement will belong exclusively to the Client as per separate contracts and/or disclosures presented to me by the Client. I consent that Purr and Bark Talent has the right to reproduce, distribute, advertise and or present my photography and/or likeness to all current and potential Clients and that Purr and Bark Talent shall have the exclusive right to negotiate the use thereof by future Clients. I have the right to publish, reproduce, or distribute any photographic images of my pet produced by Purr and Bark Talent and grant full usage rights to Purr and Bark Talent for the purpose of promoting my pet talent.
  8. I understand that any maintenance, change or removal (temporarily or permanently) to purrandbarktalent.com or any part of it can be done without notice and I confirm that Purr and Bark shall not be liable to me for any information loss or submission mishap during such period of maintenance. changes removal or discontinuation of any software, service, or promotion (including but not limited to any provisions, parts thereof, licensing, and pricing) as advertised on this website at any time without notice and I confirm that purr and bark shall not be liable for any such change or removal.
  9. Standard industry payment is usually paid by the client to the talent net 90 days from the date that your services are rendered unless otherwise indicated in the contract or via any agreements/releases provided by the Client to the Talent. This is subject to change depending on the timeline of each individual production. I agree that Purr and Bark Talent will not be held liable for any work negotiated between the talent and client therefore relinquishing any responsibility or liability for uncollected funds, due to a company or Client defaulting on a payment.
  10.  Purr and Bark Talent will not be liable for any accidents if my pet is injured and will not be held responsible for any claims, demands or cause of action I may have resulting from any bookings, auditions, Go-Sees or any such work in any related fields. I assume complete responsibility for any risks and release Purr and Bark Talent from any such claims.
  11. I agree to notify Purr and Bark Talent immediately when there are any changes to my mailing address, phone number(s) or email(s).
  12. By signing this Agreement, I understand and agree that Purr and Bark Talent make no guarantee or promise either expressed or implied – that I will obtain work.